Teaching Guide – Constructing a Queer Population?

Sunday 21 March 2021 is census day in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. For the first time, censuses will ask questions about sexual orientation and trans/gender identity. Ahead of this landmark moment in LGBTQ history, this guide supports teaching on the topics of gender, sex and sexuality data; the design of collection practices such as the census; and critical conversations about the relationship between data and identity.

Using the open-access journal article Constructing a queer population? Asking about sexual orientation in Scotland’s 2022 census, the guide presents questions on the text, class activities and dialogues with key scholars and activists in the UK and US.

The teaching guide is intended for higher education courses in fields such as sociology, gender studies, public policy, data and society.

For further information on the teaching guide, contact EDIScotland@outlook.com.

Published by Kevin Guyan

Dr Kevin Guyan is a researcher and writer based in Edinburgh whose work explores the intersection of data and identity.

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