Submission to Statistics Canada’s consultation on gender and sexual diversity statistical standards

EDI Scotland has provided feedback on the measure, definitions and classifications for the new standards proposed by Statistics Canada on gender and sexual orientation. To read the submission click here.

Will more data change the lives of LGBTQ people in the UK?

Ahead of speaking at the UK Data Service’s #DataImpact2021 event on 24 February, I have written a blog post that shares key reflections on the role of data in representing the lives and experiences of LGBTQ people in the UK. Visit the UK Data Service website to read more.

Submission to the Scottish Government’s Sex and Gender in Data Working Group

In 2019 the Scottish Government asked the Chief Statistician to convene a Working Group to explore the collection, disaggregation and use of data on sex and gender. In December 2020 the Working Group published draft guidance for public bodies on the collection of sex and gender data. The guidance seeks to standardise a diversity of data collection approaches inContinue reading “Submission to the Scottish Government’s Sex and Gender in Data Working Group”