The Scottish Poetry Library’s statement on no-platforming

On 25 February EDI Scotland sent an email to the Director and Deputy Director/Head of Operations of the Scottish Poetry Library raising serious concerns about equality, diversity and inclusion and recent statements published on no-platforming. The email highlights the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s requirements for voluntary sector organisations to provide equal provision of servicesContinue reading “The Scottish Poetry Library’s statement on no-platforming”

Myth busting – The sex question in Scotland’s 2021 census

This Thursday (9 January 2020) the Scottish Parliament’s Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Affairs Committee will consider evidence related to the design of the sex question in Scotland’s 2021 census. Although the question wording and response options are now confirmed (What is your sex? Female, Male), debate continues about the guidance that will accompany theContinue reading “Myth busting – The sex question in Scotland’s 2021 census”

Unsure about the university strike? Just look at the data on pay inequality

Today marks the start of the #UCUStrike — it’s time for senior leaders to move beyond diagnosis and start fixing the problem This week staff at 60 UK higher education institutions are on strike. Industrial action is in response to two related disputes: changes to the Universities Superannuation Scheme, the pension plan for most university staff, andContinue reading “Unsure about the university strike? Just look at the data on pay inequality”