The Scottish Poetry Library’s statement on no-platforming

On 25 February EDI Scotland sent an email to the Director and Deputy Director/Head of Operations of the Scottish Poetry Library raising serious concerns about equality, diversity and inclusion and recent statements published on no-platforming. The email highlights the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s requirements for voluntary sector organisations to provide equal provision of servicesContinue reading “The Scottish Poetry Library’s statement on no-platforming”

EDI Scotland – Update

Apologies for the lack of recent posts. My energy has focused on the development of a longer work-in-progress that broadly focuses on the practice of equality, diversity and inclusion work in institutional settings. It seems that as each week passes, a new EDI ‘scandal’ breaks that has the potential to disrupt historical structures of institutionalContinue reading “EDI Scotland – Update”

Looking back on 2018

I started writing this blog in August 2018 to make sense, in my own head, of the contradictions and nuances found in the practice of equality, diversity and inclusion research. The end of the year presents an opportunity to reflect upon the ideas outlined in these posts and common threads running through this work. AboveContinue reading “Looking back on 2018”