Mythbusting is back!

In February 2020 the Scottish Government confirmed Scotland’s next census will advise respondents to answer the question in line with their ‘lived sex’. However, in England and Wales, which is conducting a census in 2021, debate continues about the form of guidance that will accompany the sex question. This has presented opportunities for several mythsContinue reading “Mythbusting is back!”

EDI Scotland’s response to the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill

EDI Scotland has responded to the Scottish Government’s consultation on reform of the Gender Recognition Act. This is an important piece of legislation that will help improve the lives of trans people in Scotland. It is therefore vital that people respond to the consultation, before it closes on 17 March, and express support for theContinue reading “EDI Scotland’s response to the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill”

Myth busting – The sex question in Scotland’s 2021 census

This Thursday (9 January 2020) the Scottish Parliament’s Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Affairs Committee will consider evidence related to the design of the sex question in Scotland’s 2021 census. Although the question wording and response options are now confirmed (What is your sex? Female, Male), debate continues about the guidance that will accompany theContinue reading “Myth busting – The sex question in Scotland’s 2021 census”