Inspiring Scotland: The added value of us

Inspiring Scotland

Kevin Guyan joined the pro bono pool of supporter at Inspiring Scotland in Summer 2018. He welcomed the opportunity to evaluate the ‘added value’ of Inspiring Scotland on a pro bono basis and commenced by developing a brief to ensure we shared objectives and had an agreed understanding of the project. Kevin undertook a systematic review of over 40 evaluation reports written by other evaluators for the various funds managed by Inspiring Scotland. He commenced by testing the proposed search words to get a sense of how much meaningful content was included in the documents.

Kevin then used qualitative research methods to understand the added value Inspiring Scotland brought to funded projects between 2011 and 2018, and provided answers to three research questions:

  • How is the support of Inspiring Scotland mentioned in evaluation reports?
  • What qualitative themes emerge from mentions of Inspiring Scotland?
  • What connections exist between themes that emerge from mentions of Inspiring Scotland?

Kevin provided a draft report, took our feedback and suggestions and incorporated changes into a final version which will be shared with our Board at next Board Meeting.  Kevin was great to work with, professional and flexible and demonstrated an excellent grasp of research methodologies. He was able to take a large amount of data and interrogate it to produce a very useful report.  We have no hesitation in recommending his work and thank him for his invaluable time and expertise.

Inspiring Scotland, August 2019