EDI Scotland – Update

Apologies for the lack of recent posts.

My energy has focused on the development of a longer work-in-progress that broadly focuses on the practice of equality, diversity and inclusion work in institutional settings.

It seems that as each week passes, a new EDI ‘scandal’ breaks that has the potential to disrupt historical structures of institutional power, topple senior leaders and shine a critical light on our past behaviours.

My work-in-progress focuses on the practice of EDI in Scotland, asking questions such as:

  • What does it mean to be ‘gender-blind’ or ‘post-racial’?
  • Should someone’s bigoted actions in the past come with an expiry date?
  • What risks does ‘diversity’ work pose to the fight against inequality?

I intend to discuss the effect of Scotland’s history on contemporary approaches to EDI; use quantitative and qualitative data to develop an ‘evidence-based’ toolkit to fight-back against bigots; explore the differences between ‘equality’, ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ work; and examine the interplay between EDI work and #metoo, Brexit and Scottish independence.

I particularly focus on the doing of EDI work in institutions such as universities, local authorities and global businesses, highlighting the dangers of an increasingly ‘professional’ approach to change and call for a return to the radical.

Taking on the big questions of power and privilege, my work-in-progress bridges the personal and the political and demonstrates the intertwined relationship between EDI and modern life in Scotland.

I plan to continue to use my EDI Scotland blog to post sporadic, quick ideas but my main focus over the next months will be turning these ideas into something tangible.

Stay tuned!

Dr Kevin Guyan is an equality and diversity researcher based in Edinburgh. He is writing in a personal capacity.

Published by Kevin Guyan

Dr Kevin Guyan is a researcher and writer based in Edinburgh whose work explores the intersection of data and identity.

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